To Dread Midlife

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4 min readJan 9, 2024

They say that the 40s is midlife, and it’s a crisis!

Having recently stepped into the fussy yet fascinating Forty Club, there is one thing I get to hear from friends and familiars alike. It is called a “Midlife Crisis”! Yes, you read that right.

Be it someone not getting her long-deserved promotion and sulking over it or someone becoming quiet in a relationship (I bet the years of togetherness often render one speechless!), it is the midlife crisis that has to shoulder the blame.

On the other side, if a so-long introvert suddenly starts churning out recurrent reels on her reinvented self and revamped life, again the clueless crisis is held culpable for it. Even a parent reacting to the tireless tantrums of her teenager (that’s me!) is labeled as going through that particular phase of life.

Every change physical, mental, financial, or social, for the better or the worse (depends on the beholder) is callously yet confidently pushed within this bracket of midlife. As if, just saying that makes the act any act understood and relatable.

But what’s wrong with changing, and why call it a “crisis”? After all, it is the adult’s teen, a transition period, and one has to embrace the eclectic emotions that spread across the spectrum. Confusing and chaotic, it will be like any other phase of life.

There is no science behind this so-called sensation, and no matter how frazzled or frisky one feels, it has to be figured out by the individual herself. There is no one to have your back but your humble self. And instead of wallowing in such fancy phrases, it’s wise to get sorted and steer yourself ahead.

I can almost hear Mel Robbins saying, “No one’s coming!”

By the way, the phenomenon was the brainchild of Elliott Jacques back in 1965. And I’m sure that, he had no idea that it would gain such precedence and popularity with posterity!

Promita Nag Banerjee
Promita Nag Banerjee

Anyway, that’s me, a little mellow and a lot Moi, marching through my midlife crisis or not.

Gosh, we both are on the same terms. Friends in the 40s!

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