To be on Your Own Pace

It will seem bizarre for many, but sure enough, I wanted to put it down in writing!

Quotidian Tales
3 min readMar 8, 2022

Several of my acquaintances work on a laptop or use a keypad. Being a software professional, I also spend a large part of the day on my computer. One thing that I wanted to pursue was to type my programming code fast, and I presume many other people strive to do the same too.

I did not do it early in my job, so five years back, during a long career break, I started using Ratatype (a website that teaches you touch-typing).

I dedicated one hour of my everyday life to the quest of achieving speed and multitasking agility.

And while at that pace, I didn’t even look around!

Not to discourage anyone who still wants to learn touch typing. It is a one-of-a-kind of skill, and Ratatype is an excellent trainer. But, I figured out more cons than benefits towards attaining this skill. Instead of speedily typing, I was speedily marrying those drawbacks to my brain, and soon enough, I gave up Ratatype.

The first thing I realized after an hour on Ratatype — was that my fingers were very stiff. They were continuously resting in a fixed position, with all the joints locked in for a precise duration. Then, once my practice was over, I was doing everything to…