The Note on a LampPost

I read about humanity and wanted to share it with you

Quotidian Tales


Originally published at on March 30, 2023.

Today, walking by the road, I saw a white note in a plastic bag. It was hanging from the lamppost. I went by the lamppost and read the words. It said, “I have lost a 50-dollar bill around somewhere here. If you find it, please can you return it to me.” And then below it was an address.

I went to that address and found a very old and feeble lady resting on the front porch. Hearing my rustle, she called out, “Who is there?” I quickly went forward and told her I came to return her 50-dollar bill that I found by the lamppost. She instantly burst into tears and said that at least twenty other people had come to give her back the money and even so when she hadn’t written the note on the lamppost.

An old lady weeping

I insisted that she keep the $50 bill from me. She genuinely thanked me and brought me a glass of water from inside. When I was about to leave, she, in turn, requested that I tear up the note on the lamppost so that no one walked up to her door with the money again. I assured her and left.

On my way back, I thought, the old lady probably had requested each one to tear up the note, yet no one did. Surprisingly, another man comes to me with a $50 bill asking…