Society — The Coveted Company

Quotidian Tales
4 min readJul 4, 2021

A perpetually hard thing to resist

I have stayed alone in an apartment for five months. I interacted with people only over the phone or when I was outside for work or shopping. Nothing seemed unbearable, though my close ones advised me to be more social.

I slept and woke up on time. I cooked and ate diligently to keep myself healthy. I took showers every day. I watched television, read books, pampered myself once in a while, and sincerely claimed that I was staying alone in an apartment.

Now, years later, with age and comprehension, I renewed my understanding of my state back through those days. I discover that I was reasonably involved with society! A conclusion that formulated when I envisioned a speculative plot, where I carefully and deliberately eliminate all associations around me.

In this plot, I am without society, and the picture looks entirely different. Much of me has changed. Now, I only eat when I am hungry. Pampering or grooming takes a backseat as now no one cares about my appearance, and I am not clicking selfies anymore. Or even if I click one, it would be for the sake of an older me reminiscing a younger one. They are two entities as it is.

Television, books, and social media are removed by norm as they are entertainment presented by society. I would probably stargaze or write my book. However, my sleep cycle remains unchanged, possibly attributed to my love for the morning air. Also, I can arrange for the minimal amenities of my life by myself — like work and groceries. Let me also bring it in, that money was no more my needful, as I didn’t interact with anyone who understands its worth.

The most significant change comes in psychologically, as the mind encounters most of the variations. Firstly, I am no more waiting for a second opinion. I become more confident and carefree. Secondly, gossip built into my genes is now missing. That dwindles my very origins of recreation. There is no one to compete with and, no one who can appreciate my lifestyle! Voila, now at least it seems to me I am entirely on my own!

Probably, many more changes happen that I am reluctant to add to the list as this article intends social engagement. But, if you are not experiencing any of the changes mentioned here, then you are probably still a part of society even though you claim to be alone.

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